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Once our design team have worked their magic it is over to the samples and production team to deliver your garments.

Our pattern makers work using your size charts to create paper patterns for your garments, which are then passed on to the samples team to make up the sample for you. These two teams work together closely to ensure that the fit and sizing is correct and that we can achieve the most efficient usage of fabric from the roll, minimising fabric wastage – saving costs for you.

Once the samples are approved by you, they are then digitised using the latest Lectra software technology to match the patterns to your size charts.

We have undertaken significant investment in our product department machinery and operate MHM printing machinery, Reliant press machines and a state of the art Aldeco dryer system. Our large production capacity allows for extremely fast turnaround on our orders; indeed, repeat orders, essential for supporting customer trends, can be completed in only a few days. This allows our customers to trial their collections before committing to full-scale production. If a collection doesn’t go as planned we can work with you to repurpose fabrics to change a planned item such as a skirt to become trousers or a top.

We adhere to the highest quality standards and all production runs have stringent quality checks throughout the whole process. We work to AQL standards.

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