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Our in-house design team have years of experience in spotting trends and bringing them to life for our customers. We offer full project support from design to delivery. You can come to us with a small idea which we can help you develop into a best-selling range or we can offer you choices from our own designed garments and prints to bring some fresh new looks to your company’s product portfolio.

Your Ideas
You can bring us ideas that you have had from visiting a fashion show, a celebrity influence or a future trend that you have spotted and we will work with you to design anything from a one-off piece through to a themed collection with multiple garment designs. We can help you develop everything from the fabric choices, colours, textures and styles through to bespoke designed details and prints.

Looking for Something New?
We can show you a wide range of our own designs which you can either use as they are, or tailor to suit your clientele. Be assured we never offer the same design to more than one customer – once you have chosen it – it’s yours. You can also ask us to ‘create me something new’; we will work with you to design mood boards and develop these into your bespoke new collections.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to work with us, our design team will work directly with you throughout the process to create your stylish new fashion ranges.

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